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The Hungarian Guggenheim

Hungarian designer Krisztián Lakosi has created the identity for The Hungarian Guggenheim. Which is based on a fiction: an ideal Guggenheim satellite, the Hungarian Guggenheim is appearing in Budapest. The question asked about the apparition is: how it takes shape in today’s Hungary


Nerds today, bosses tomorrow by Saatchi and Saatchi 


Ikea delivers. 


Ikea delivers. 


Ross Gunter   |

"A selection of posters to promote this years Dimensions Festival and their partners. Each poster has a slightly different take on the central graphic."

Ross Gunter is an independent British graphic designer living in London, working across print and screen. He studied multimedia production and typography, and over the past 7 years has worked in a range of agencies for a variety of clients, from start-ups to corporate multi-nationals. Passionate about detail and craft, Ross’s approach combines conceptual thinking with strong type and image, drawing beauty from simplicity. 

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by atipo

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Hand done typography

New York based freelance art director Raul Alejandro creates beautiful hand done typography, Check out the rest of his work on his website here. 


SPOTLIGHT: Shopped Tattoos by Cheyenne Randall

Tattoos (real and/or photoshopped alike) have become a favorite of the Internet. And now a brilliant digital artist by the name of Cheyenne Randall has dedicated a whole Tumblog to photoshopping the some of the sickest of tattoos onto a fun mix pop cultures most notable people. Hipster paradise. More after the jump: 

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Sincerely Yours, A Graphic Design Exhibition / Marwan Kaarbour

Sincerely Yours, is a graphic design exhibition by nine designers who had recently completed their MA Graphic Design course at the London College of Communication.  The exhibition showcases a body of work from a group of diverse individuals who have approached the design practice in an investigatory and research-based method. The projects presented deal with contemporary issues that range from the social and political to the personal and cultural. The 9 participating designers took part in the making of the visual identity and the various communication applications of the show.





Design magic.

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